Par 3 Course

Okay so I know we all like to pull the big sticks, but this should be considered at least. A 9 hole course made up of purely par 3's. Obviously they would be varied in distance and a variety of obstacles. For the many of the users who need to work on their iron and low wood shots this would be great!

Bryan C

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I thought I read somewhere you can play any of the supplied courses as par threes for those of us seven foot tall types with low ceilings.  Am I making this up or did I really read it?  I see where you can choose to play only the par threes (usually four of them) on a course but i thought the software could play all 18holes from par three distance simulated tees?



When you select your player there is a small Edit button to the right of the player selection box. If you click on this you can change any of that player's settings, including the Tee Box. This is where you would select the Par3 Tees.


Note, you can also do this by editing the player via the Manage Players button on the Main Menu.

Steve Berst