Improve Driver Reading by Sensors

I have a pure black driver that was not read very well by the sensors.  To fix this, I applied a 1.5inch wide piece of masking tape along the contour of the driver face at the bottom - fixed the problem.

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    Chris Kenlan

    Just got a R 11 driver and no matter what I do I cant get the sensor to read it. I have tried masking tape, silver tape etc. ... no luck.

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    Jack LaChance

    having the same problem. seems to only work at lower clubhead speed but not with straight path only sinside/out outside/in swing paths.

    No problems on any of my Burner drivers of old.

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    James Gosenheimer

    I have an R11 my neighgor has an R5. I applied white 1" medical tape to the botton leading edge of driver. Fixed the problem.

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    James Gosenheimer

    FYI....I also use nothing but  fluorescent lighting.

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    Art Tremble

    Referring to lighting- I have incandescent recessed lighting. If you have your lights on a dimmer, drop to roughly half and the sensors will read properly.

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    Seth Fuller

    i was getting wild results from my driver, FT-3. Even at slow swing speeds.  Lighting was good so I tried the masking tape trick. Worked great!

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    Kevin Coughlin

    I have tried taping the bottom edge of my Ping G15 driver with duct tape, electrical tape, masking tape, foil tape nothing seems to work.......anyone have any luck with a G15?

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    Kevin Grayson

    I have the Cleveland 310 XL and I am having major inconsistencies with swing speed and shot trajectory. I know my normal shot is 112mph and averages 305, but I have seen everything from 181 yds @ 77mph to 389 yds @147mph. I use flourescent lighting, calibrated to my exact clubs for loft, lie, offset, shaft length etc.. but nothing seems to work.

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    Mike Antram

    theres not a single wood in my bag that reads accuratly...   i simply use my 3 iron for every wood shot..  drives, rescue hybrid, 3 and 5 wood shots..  granted, im not swinging my driver, but it reads perfectly every time.  You may need to add a bit of distance % to make up for the lesser head speed given the shorter club..  its been working really well for me..  just my 2 cents

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    Patrick Zeleny

    Had the same problem with 3 different drivers. Went to Advanced auto parts and bought chrome tape called Metallic Tape by Trim Bright put it on the bottom driver then outline the club with black cloth tape about 1/2" works on all drivers I've used even the TM white ones.

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    Yea I tried all the tape tricks with my R11 and Burner.  None of them helped.  I only have fluorescent lighting in the area and there are no windows for sunlight to come in.   So I bought the Optishot driver and now 50 to 70% of my drives are more accurate.  However the Optishot driver is much shorter and flexible than my drivers.

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    Butch Dawson

    I got my optishot today. I swing the R11 AND TAYLORMADE 3 wood and rescue wood with ping eye2 irons. I've seen all the fixes for the woods so I was prepared for the worsed. After setting up all the club distances and lofts and lies I hit the driving range. To my surprise all my woods register every shot with good results. Irons also are working perfectly. I couldnt be happier with the product. Im not sure what im doing differently to get mine all to work so well. I've played 2 18 hole rounds without a single miss on reading the shot.

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    Jonathan B Cole

    @Butch  That is great to hear!  I wonder if you might be willing to take some digital pictures of your setup and post them here.

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    Butch Dawson

    I tried to upload 2 pics, one of my net setup and a lighting pic but it wouldnt upload. It started but just continued to upload and never finished. I resized the pics smaller 500x somthing. Should be a small file and I have fast transfer speed but it never finished the upload. Any ideas

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    Butch Dawson

    With my woods I had to adjust the off set manually so it would copy my normal swing and flight path. Now my normal swing on the course shows the same on the optishot. At first every swing was a slice no matter how much I tried to close the face or a big hook. After the adjustment its just like playing on the course. Down the right side with a draw.

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    Keith Taylor

    I have had a few issues with drivers when we use the machine with florecent lighting in the area.    I would highly recomend that you set up alternate lighting that is a little dimmer say 40 watt that is incandecent.    the issue with woods i believe is the faster club head speeds and 60 Hz where it sometimes does not get an accurate reading especially off Florecent or CFL lighting.   Try LED or Incandecent where the fliker is not as noticible.

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    mark graham

    I have a r11 driver and it won't read it.Most times it doesn't read at all but if it does the clubhead speed and impact angle are way off. Is there anything I can do.I have tried some different types of tape but with little success.

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    buy yourself the cheapest driver you can get with the sole as flat as possible (no fancy contours). Then tape the leading edge with 5mm  non reflective black tape to create a straight edge. Then 1cm of reflecting silver (aluminum) tape, and then the remaining club sole with the black tape. With that you will get the best possible results.


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    Steve Webb

    Hi guys, Try black tape on the sole of the driver. I use an R11 and the tape covers all the cavities and then i just leave a 2cm leading edge clear on the sole. Works perfectly for me and because its black the sensors think its like reading an iron... but i get to use my own driver!

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    Mike Gesell


    I have an R11, R9, R7 and I can’t get any of them to read anywhere near correct. At chipping speed they do a little better but it is still reading the club face wrong and at a full swing it if REALLY wrong. I have done the reflective tape both with and without black taping off the rest of the driver and still nothing. I have blade irons and it read those well so I know it does work, however without the use of the driver it make a Huge part of the product unusable. I have contacted tech support but they were completely useless as they told me simply that it is my driver and that I should buy theirs. Funny, I never saw them make any mention of that in their commercial or on their packaging.

    Fact of the matter is that I like the product, when it works, and I would love for them to help me to get it to work, and for $400 bucks I think they should.

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    Kendrick Taylor

    For those who have got the tape to work on their driver can you post pics on how you did it.

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    Ken Bikow

    I've had pretty good success with mine.  I have a cheap extension lamp (One that clamps onto a table surface) from which I use a 60 watt I believe fluorescent energy saving coiled bulbs (Uses only 13 watts) and I have it over the sensor so that it keeps the shadow of the ball slightly towards the sensor.  This works great for my setup and 99 percent of the time have very accurate results.  The only problem that I have is that when I hit a really good one flush and centre my measured speed reading a lot of the time measures way low.

    I do know that lighting plays an intrigal part.  Play with this and find what's best for you.

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    Alex Wilson

    After a lot of trial and error I found the ideal solution that even works in dim light. You have to use good old (non reflective) black Hockey tape! Apply tape to the entire driver bottom but leave about 1 inch at the leading edge. I've used it on my Callaway  Xdriver and my TaylorMade R9 and R540XD. Finally, I can actually use my driver on this!


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